How To Remove And Replace A Clogged Showerhead

How To Remove And Replace A Clogged Showerhead

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You recently bought a new high-pressure rainfall showerhead. The only thing standing in your way of leisure now is the old, calcified showerhead you want to replace — and it won’t move! Don’t be concerned. J.O. Plumbing’s skilled team has put together this guide to help you remove and replace your blocked showerhead like a pro. You’ll be able to unwind in no time.


  • A tarp or trash bag
  • pliers or a wrench
  • Tape for a plumber
  • Vinegar
  • One gallon bag
  • The steel wool


Safeguard Your Bathtub and Other Bathroom Fixtures

Preparing the bathroom space is the first step in replacing your showerhead. To begin, switch off your water supply to avoid any shocks. Then, in your bathtub, place a tarp or waste bag. Rust shavings may make a major mess, so making sure any fallen metal doesn’t touch your tub is usually a smart idea.

Take Out Your Old Showerhead

Before you grab your wrench or pliers, try removing your showerhead by hand one more time. Wrap plumber’s tape across the sharp teeth of your wrench or pliers if it still won’t twist off. This will decrease the amount of rust, mineral, or metal shavings that fall while you work. This will also aid in the preservation of your showerhead in case you decide to keep it or instal it elsewhere.

Try twisting the showerhead with your wrench or pliers now that you have greater leverage. You may finish removing the showerhead by hand once it is moving.

If the problem persists, fill a gallon bag with vinegar, wrap it over the showerhead, and soak it overnight. Rust and other minerals will be dissolved by the vinegar, making it much easier to remove your showerhead the next morning.

Clear the Shower Drain

Now that your showerhead has been removed, it’s a good opportunity to clean the pipe threads so that your new showerhead doesn’t suffer from rust. Scrub the pipe threads with steel wool and vinegar to remove rust and mineral buildup from every crack.

Install Your Replacement Showerhead

Wrap the clean pipe threads with plumber’s tape to prevent showerhead leaks and instal your new showerhead according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Turn on your water main, draw back your tarp, and take a shower with your new showerhead. Keep an eye out for any leaks. If the leaks persist, remove the new showerhead and apply another layer of plumber’s tape.

If plumber’s tape does not stop the leaks, you may have a more difficult plumbing issue that only an expert can diagnose.

Cleaning Your Showerhead With Vinegar

Set a reminder once a year to do a simple vinegar cleanup to keep your showerhead replacement clean and operating correctly. Simply wrapping a bag of vinegar around the showerhead and letting it overnight can eliminate any rust or mineral buildup that causes leaks.


Do you want a professional to replace your showerhead? Our licenced plumbers can instal or repair any brand, make, or model of the showerhead. When you call J.O. Plumbing, you can expect outstanding service from a professional plumber who arrives fast and has the skills and knowledge to handle any plumbing problem on the first visit.

We’ll gladly replace your recalcitrant showerhead if you call us at (03) 88997561 or arrange an appointment online.

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