How To Prevent Hair Clogs In Drains?

How To Prevent Hair Clogs In Drains?

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Nothing is worse than standing in ankle-deep, unclean water because of a clogged shower drain. You can’t seem to keep the hair from clumping together and causing your drains to slow to a painful crawl. Before you grab a razor and start taking severe measures, there are several things you can do to avoid hair blockages in your drains and properly clean them when they do arise. Read the blog below to find out what you can do to prevent hair jams in your drains!


The best method to avoid an issue is to take preventative actions to reduce its possibility. Our trained plumbing technicians have seen it all, and we know the best methods to utilise to avoid hair blockages in your drains. Some simple preventative actions include:

Installation of a Drain Cover: Purchase a drain screen from any hardware or home goods shop and instal one in each of your home’s showers or tubs. There are also drain screens built expressly to catch hair.

Remove Hair from Sinks and Showers: Brush your hair off your head before having a shower or bath to avoid any stray hairs from dropping on the tub floor. Keep an eye out for any hair and remove it from the drain.

Flush Your Drains: This will require some family cooperation. Close all bathtub, shower, and sink drains, fill each tub or sink with warm water, and have someone stand next to each drain and toilet in the house. To flush all drains at once, everyone should open their drains and flush their toilets at the same time.

These three preventative measures will help you avoid tearing your hair out over clogged drains in your house. Even the most cautious people can be victimised by slow-moving drains caused by hair jams. Fortunately, there are steps you may do to remove a safe without calling a professional.


Sometimes prevention just isn’t enough. When a clog takes over your home’s drains, use the following do-it-yourself clearance methods:

Take a Plunger: Plungers aren’t only useful for unclogging toilets; they can also be used to suck up hair and other debris by firmly putting them over your drain and plunging away!

Use Natural Treatments: Harsh chemical drain clog removal solutions might cause more damage than good. Instead, employ natural solutions such as pouring boiling water down the drain or a 32 cup baking soda and 12 cup vinegar combination followed by hot water.

Use Your Hands: If you have a drain screen installed, you’ll need to remove any debris it collects on a regular basis to prevent blockages. Grab a pair of gloves or get your hands messy to physically pluck out the hair and clear the clog.

These tried-and-true ways might help you avoid having to call your local plumber. Even if you are unable to resolve your drain blockage using DIY methods, J.O. Plumbing has the experienced staff you require to complete the job once and for all.


If you’ve done everything and still aren’t receiving the relief you need from clogged drains in your house, J.O. Plumbing is here to help. To offer you with dependable, working plumbing in your house, our crew is specifically educated to employ the most modern, long-lasting drain clearance solutions.

Contact us now to arrange drain blockage clearing!

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