Can Your Sump Pump Handle Melting Snow & Rain?

Can Your Sump Pump Handle Melting Snow & Rain?

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As winter draws to an end and the snow melts, many homeowners will fight to protect their basements from flooding. The spring thaw can cause catastrophic water damage in your property if you do not have the proper sump pump solution in place. To guarantee that your system is ready to handle melting snow and rain, properly test it before the warmer weather arrives. Doing so now might save you money on future repair and replacement requests!


Before the snow and ice melt, ensure sure your sump pump is capable of handling the increased flow of water into your basement. Homeowners may test their system to ensure it is fully operational by following the instructions below:

Step One: Find the exterior pipe that collects the water that drains from the pump. Make sure the interior of the pipe is clear of any debris or dirt that might be obstructing the drain. This is especially vital after a snowstorm.

Step Two: Fill a five-gallon bucket or big pot halfway with water. Slowly pour water into the sump pit while keeping an eye on the water level.

Step Three: The float on the sump should rise, and the pump should activate before the water reaches the pit’s top. The system should be turned off when the pit empties.

Step Four: If the float does not rise or the pump does not switch on/off automatically, a specialist should examine the pump.

Always be certain that your equipment is hooked into a working outlet. Aside from evaluating system operation, homeowners should follow a weekly checklist to ensure the following:

  • Determine which portions of the house are melting quicker than others and why.
  • Determine whether your roof gutters flow into the ground near your foundation.
  • Determine whether any puddles in walks and driveways have vanished overnight.
  • Regularly inspect the basement for standing water (at least every other day)


When the snow melts, it’s not uncommon for a sump pump to stop operating entirely. This is due to the fact that snow frequently refreezes at night when temperatures fall below freezing, forcing the sump pump drain lines to freeze as well. If this occurs, the unit will be unable to drain the water from your basement. If you’ve checked your sump pump and inspected it for obstructions and are still having problems, it’s advisable to call a plumbing specialist for help. You may require the installation of a backup system or battery, or you may have a more significant underlying plumbing problem.

Furthermore, if your sump pump is more than six years old, you should replace it before the seasonal thaw. Water may gather and wreak havoc on your property if your system is more than six years old.


J.O. Plumbing provides the end-to-end sump pump servicing solutions you need to keep water damage at bay, whether your sump pump requires repair, replacement, or periodic maintenance. Allow our staff to verify that your property has the flood prevention system it requires to avoid costly damage.

To book sump pump services in your house, contact us online or call (03) 88997561 immediately!

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