7 Causes Of Low Water Pressure In Your Home

7 Causes Of Low Water Pressure In Your Home

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Has your water pressure dropped, making showers less pleasurable or filling your bathtub a chore? You may be experiencing low water pressure. Here are seven reasons why your water pressure may be low and how to fix it.

  1. Examine your home’s primary shut-off valve. It is located where the main water pipe enters the house. If the wheel is not completely open or the level handle is not parallel to the pipe, the flow of water may be restricted.
  2. Check the operation of your water softener. A faulty water softener might result in an abrupt shift or reduction in water pressure. A professional expert is most likely required to service your water softener.
  3. A blocked aerator might be the source of low pressure at a single faucet. An aerator is a little screen at the end of the faucet that can get corroded or blocked with dirt. The screen may be simply removed from the faucet, cleaned, and reattached.
  4. In older homes, a buildup of minerals and other dirt in the plumbing can cause a slowdown in water flow. Improving water flow in your home’s plumbing system may need replacing damaged or obstructed pipes. This is the responsibility of a licenced plumber.
  5. Your low water pressure might be caused by a defective pressure regulator. This regulator regulates the water pressure that enters your home from your service line. A faulty regulator can have an impact on the water pressure throughout the house. A qualified plumber can evaluate if your regulator is at fault and safely repair it.
  6. A damaged or leaky pipe within your walls or beneath your home’s foundation might be the cause of a decline in water pressure. A expert can detect and repair a leak before it becomes a significant problem.
  7. Sediment buildup in your hot water heater might cause a decrease in water pressure. A professional’s routine maintenance of your water heater to ensure all components are operating correctly will assist cure your home’s low water pressure concerns.

J.O. Plumbing can assist you if you are frustrated by low water pressure in your house. We may install a water booster pump in your house to fix the low flow problem. Our experts can help you assess if your low water pressure is due to a problem in your property or whether you may benefit from a water booster pump. Call us now for a no-obligation consultation!

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