4 Simple Steps to Prevent Blockage in Your Drain

4 Simple Steps to Prevent Blockage in Your Drain

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Clogged drains are annoying and problematic for any environment. Blocked drains bring everything to a stop and you would then should do lots of work to have them operating as efficiently as before. The fact is blocking can lead to expensive fixes yet they can be often avoided. Because you may not be the only individual in your home using the basins, showers, and other amenities making it challenging to control what happens when others are using. But there are a few things you can do to keep your floor drains, toilet drains, and sink drains free of clogs.

  1. Align the Filters Firmly

Filters over drains are designed in such a manner that they enable water to empty off without permitting invasive materials that could lead to clogging to move through. Ensure that these filter systems are of high quality and are firmly in place, such that they do not wobble out of place letting other materials through. Choose drains that are ample enough to let a free flow of water while keeping all solid residues out.

  1. Clean the Filters Often

Besides making sure the filtration systems are in place, you should also clear any build of solids around your filters after every use. Letting the solids to remain around the filtration system increases their chances of getting carried into the drain leading to obstructions. Remove them with your hand if you are using your kitchen sink or sweep them off on floor drains. This helps ensure that your filtration systems are as clean and hygienic as possible with every use.

  1. Keep Solid Residues Off

Fats and greases are the normal blocking material for kitchen sinks. Rather than pushing them down your drain, it is better to have a trash can near your drain, where you can deposit grease and fat for proper removal. The accumulation of greases on plumbing ultimately results in blockage which makes it hard for water to pass through efficiently. It helps to pour warm water through your drains once in a while to help keep these kinds of clogs from occurring, but eliminating the greases out is the ideal solution. It is also crucial that you always remove hair off of the kitchen sinks and drains since they can easily cause blocking.

  1. Look for Early Signs of Blockage

The quicker you can detect a draining issue, the easier it will probably be to take care of it before it turns into a catastrophe. The most common symptoms of blocked drains are slow moving water and bubbling when water goes down the drain. If your filter can be removed you can attempt searching for the materials causing the blockage or use a pump to ease the situation. If you do not have the knowledge how to resolve it, contact a local plumber to resolve the problem before it becomes too complex and expensive. Never overlook the symptoms as they can cause bigger problems to your drainage system ending up costing you a lot.

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