Plumbing – The 6 Most Common Problems Home Owners Face and How to Fix Them

Most Common Problems Home Owners Face

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All homeowners are faced by plumbing problems from time to time. Most of these problems can be taken care of and fixed in good time. The six common plumbing problems faced by householders are clogged toilets, toilet tank problems, dripping taps, fixing shower heads, sealant problems around bathroom fixtures and pipe fixing.

Clogged Toilets

A clogged toilet is usually cleared with a plunger sometimes referred to as a ‘plumber’s friend’. Before working the plunger handle up and down in the toilet bowl, make sure that there is sufficient water to completely immerse the rubber suction cup. If there is not enough water in the toilet bowl then pour extra in to fill it up until the plunger cup is covered. You should never use the flush when a toilet is clogged. It is preferable to use a bulb head plunger for clearing toilet blockages. If a plunger fails to clear the blockage, an auger may be needed instead.

Toilet tank Problems

Cistern or toilet tank problems are more easily fixed than clogged toilets. Toilet tank problems almost always lead to the continuous flow of water into the toilet bowls. Inside the toilet tank there is a ball cock assembly, trip lever, float arm, lift wire, guide, tank ball and flush valve seat. Any disturbance in this arrangement leads to water overflows. To fix all toilet tank problems, lift the lid and locate any breakage or interruption of the entire arrangement. Turn off the water supply inlet while making your repairs.

Dripping Tap

A dripping tap is perhaps the commonest plumbing problem faced by house owners. The problem is multiplied if the tap carries hot water. The first step for fixing a dripping tap is to turn off the water supply and remove the tap handle. After removing this handle, remove the packing nut without damaging the metal body. Twist out the spindle and remove the screw which fastens the washer. Normally you will just need to replace the washer but be prepared to replace the screw and spindle if necessary.

Fixing Showerheads

Shower heads can be affected by a number of problems. There can be leaks between the swivel ball and the showerhead body, or between the head and shower arm. As a first step, unscrew the shower arm from the pipe (with the help of a strap wrench if necessary). Cleaning the arm threads and apply plumber’s joint compound or joint tape. Reverse the process to re-assemble the shower head.

Sealant Problems Around Plumbing Fixtures

As baths and sinks are used regularly, the sealing between them and the wall often loosens or develops cracks. As this happens, water can seep into the gap and damage the fixture or the wall. To fix this, use a sharp knife to remove all old sealing from around the joint. Then thoroughly clean the joint with a household cleaner. If there are signs of mildew, use bleach (carefully) to completely clean it. After cleaning, dry the surface with a rag, apply new sealant to the joint and then let it dry completely before letting water get near the sealant.

Pipe Fixing

The final of the 6 most common problems that home owners face is leaking pipe work. Fixing this is a job for a professional. So, ask your local plumbing specialist to help you.

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