Plumbing Tools


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Is your faucet leaking, your bathroom drain is clogged, no need to call the professionals just yet. If you have the right set of tools you just might pull it off.

When shopping for your home plumbing tools be careful to choose the proper ones. Make sure you are buying the proper tool for the right purpose. If you have doubts and you are not sure of what tools you should purchase, go for the starter kit. These kits are designed for DIY plumbers and they contain the common devices that everyone should own.

The Plunger is one of the most common tools, which can help you easily unclog the drains. Of course, there are different types of plungers available, but it’s best to buy the most durable one.

Out of the many wrench types, you will definitely need adjustable wrenches and pipe wrenches. The pipe one is used for grasping and holding a pipe fitting or pipe, remove caps while the adjustable one is good for general purpose.

Along wrenches, you might also need pliers for tightening or losing nuts, securing pipes and for clamping.

Pipe cutters are needed to cut plastic, copper or steel pipes. They are fast, make a clean cut and easy to use.

Tape, more accurately Teflon tape, used to seal tightly.

Screwdrivers, good for general use but can come in handy with plumbing repairs as well.

These are the basic tools for basic plumbing repairs. However, if the damage is serious special tools and training is necessary which can only be provided by the pros. If you need plumbing services in Melbourne contact our pros.


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