Things to Do Before Moving Into Your New House

Things to Do Before Moving Into Your New House

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You have just purchased a new house, done with all the payments and paperwork. You must be relaxed now that the pain of searching for a home has finally reached an end, but my friend, wait for a moment, as you have just won half of the battle. The struggle of moving into your new address is yet to be fought. You may not even realise but the D-day of shifting will come as if you just wake up from a dream. Hence, here is a bucket list of a few things to do before moving into your new house so you can remember this day, not as a painstaking one but a day filled with loads of memories.

Change the Locks

As soon as your deal is over, and you can call that new house your own, the foremost thing that you need to do is to change the locks on all the exterior doors. The reason is pretty obvious. It is really difficult to get assured that whether the last owner, the home guard, the broker or even the neighbour can have the house keys. As precaution is always better than cure, we would suggest you to install new locks before moving into your new house.

Paint the Walls and Ceilings

Though it is not really necessary that you need to whitewash the entire house, but then it’s something that we would definitely suggest you to do. With painting walls and ceilings, you get to see their actual condition. There is a strong possibility that the house may look lucrative from the exterior but it may not be the same case beneath a few layers. Also, this is a good time to repair all the holes, cracks and any other defect in the house. As it is a tedious task, so try to hire a professional who can make it perfect from inside out.

Inspect Plumbing Leaks

It is one of the most important things to do before moving into your new house. Numerous homebuyers complained that their homebuilder hasn’t given a damn to the plumbing leaks in your new house. So, before you make a shift to your new home, check if there is any seepage in the home or even in the building. For this purpose, inspect washbasins, toilets and dripping faucets, and exteriors of the building and if you find one, do get it repaired immediately. Maybe slowly, but even an inconsiderable amount of seepage can eat your entire house.

Call Pest Control

Are you still thinking why you should call a team of pest control experts? Well, you can consider eliminating it if you are buying a new home. But, in any case, if you are buying a home that was used by someone in the past or has been unlived for a long time, then you should unquestionably have to opt for pest control before moving into your new house. Who wants to stay in a house which is a playground for a variety of awful creeps and nocturnal pests.

Notify Your Family, Friends and Service Providers About the Shift

Though you have hosted a housewarming party for most of your friends and relatives, and they all know about the shift, there will be many who are still not aware of this move. Hence, it is a good time to update them of moving into a new house and share the good news. And not just friends and relatives, in fact, also inform your landline company, insurance card company, bank and others with a text message or email stating the details of your new address. Obviously, you don’t want to miss a bill-payment deadline just because you have shifted to a new place.

Greet Your Neighbours

Neighbours are the people with whom you are going to spend a long time of your life. They are the one who stands resolutely in your good as well as bad times, whenever needed. So, it is an act of utmost importance to greet them after moving into your new house. Show courtesy and take initiative to greet them simply by saying, “Hello, I am your new neighbour”. Yes, it won’t make a huge difference in their life yet it will at least break the silence between you and your neighbour. Once you are friends with them, you may not feel alone in a totally new setting.


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